Water Filtration Systems

A. Direda Plumbing and Heating Water filtration Systems will filter out particles and pollutants from water removing dangerous unhealthy particulants.

Types of Filtration
Filtration systems can include activated carbon charcoal filters, ultraviolet (UV) light units, reverse osmosis or water distillers.
There are many different types of water filters available, and your buying decisions will be influenced by the present condition of your water. If it's not potable, you'll need a process to remove or destroy harmful bacteria, minerals, and pollutants for starters. Your local water expert is the best professional to help you evaluate your choices.
Once water testing has confirmed what is in your water, you will be given remedy options to make your drinking water safe (potable). Installation requirements and costs will be discussed, based on needs and whether you own your home or not. Today, there are many choices, and these systems are much more affordable than they were a decade ago.
Home Filters
Water does not need to qualify as not being potable to benefit from some filtration system. One of the biggest consumer concerns is the chlorine taste left by town water treatment plants. It's a necessary evil that results from measures taken to make your drinking water safe. You can, however, add an economical and simple filter system to reduce that if you wish to.
Note that not all carbon filters, or larger units, have the same efficiency. There are differences in filtration layers or stages, as well as in the quality of materials. We here at Direda Plumbing will review system details with you and discuss options best suited to your needs.
Keep It Clean
Whether you choose a small filter or a large unit, maintenance is key to keeping that system working efficiently. That means routine filter changes by yourself or we'd be happy to assist you. If you have hard water or, for some reason, there is more sediment and particles in your water, it may require more frequent filter changes. Being proactive with care is an important part of any filtration process. Water filtration systems differ in size, price, installation, and efficiency, but they all in some way improve our water's quality.

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